Our Team

Our Team

Ted Teller, Owner

Ted’s passion for animal care began in 2005 when he started fostering homeless animals through the MSPCA. In 2012, after a career in healthcare client service management, Ted decided he did not want to spend his days at a desk anymore. Instead, he wanted to combine his commitment to client services with his love of pets and founded Above & Beyond Pet Services. His vision was to offer a service that felt personalized, one that was there when you needed them with employees that would build a relationship with your pet. Ted believes in hard work, doing what is right, and helping people and pets in any way he can.

Holly, Operations Supervisor

Growing up, Holly had an abundance of animal siblings. She currently resides with two cats: Diego and Balerion. She loves all animals great and small, but is especially fond of cats and greyhounds. Holly has years of experience as a professional dog walker and pet sitter. On her off hours she can often be found painting, reading or volunteering at a local cat shelter.

Khristy, Night/Weekend Lead

A California native, Khristy has been working towards a Bachelor’s of Science in Animal Science and moved to Massachusetts to further her education. She has been working with animals professionally for over four years now. Having involvement with animals and helping those in need is what matters most to her.

Maria, Night/Weekend Lead

Maria is a passionate caregiver for people and animals alike. She is currently training to be a nurse, and brings her meticulous, caring attitude to the field when taking care of pets.

Rachel, Weekend Lead

Rachel has enjoyed the company of animals her whole life and owns two lovable bunnies. She decided to pursue her passion for animals and is currently pursuing her degree as a Veterinary Technician.


Aleks has a great passion for all kinds of animals. Originally from Poland, she grew up in a house with a dog, cats, multiple fish tanks, and a bird! Each summer, she vacationed in the lake region where she developed a greater love of nature and its creatures. Since moving to the United States, her house has always been full of beloved furry friends. Currently, two wonderful cats are a part of her pack. She enjoys being able to fulfil her passion of taking care of all creatures, big and small.


A Belmont Native, currently pursing training to be a VetTech. When not in school, Ayla is usually playing with client pets, her own dog, or her bearded dragon.


Billy has always been an animal lover and is thrilled to be working with them every day. He has two dogs of his own; an English black lab and a miniature dachshund, that he frequently brings to the park for playtime. Billy is working towards his dream of being a dog trainer or canine officer for a local police department.


Braxton has had a passion for animals her entire life. From the moment she could walk, she began helping her grandparents care for the horses, chickens, dog and cats on their farm where she was born in Melbourne, Australia. Upon moving to the US, her passion for animals only blossomed as she began to ride and show in equestrian competitions for over ten years now. In addition to personal experience, Braxton has worked with animals professionally for years and was most recently working as a veterinary receptionist/assistant before joining our team. Currently, she resides with her 9 year old Beagle-mix Skye, while her two kitties Cali and Domino live with her mother back home in San Diego.


Caroline is a Rhode Island native who grew up with Dalmatians, Basset Hounds, and a lop-eared bunny named Duncan. Caroline is a true softie for all animals, especially puppies!


Chelsea has always loved animals. She grew up with cats and dogs, and has been pet-sitting for neighbors and friends since she was 12 years old. She has volunteered with animals for over a decade - walking shelter dogs, managing a cat shelter, and finding forever homes for adoptable pets. Through her work at pet boutiques, she understands the needs of pet owners and is familiar with a wide range of pet products. In her free time, Chelsea cuddles her two rescue cats, hikes, and volunteers at Mass Audubon Drumlin Farm.


Christina, a Belmont native, grew up with guinea pigs, hamsters, and a long haired Dachshund who she still adores and cares for today. She enjoys bonding with her aunt's Golden Retriever and three Tuxedo cats. She has always had a deep love and passion for animals, and believes that pets are truly family members that deserve lots of love, attention, and care. She hopes to volunteer at different animal shelters in the future, as well as adopt multiple shelter dogs and provide them with a happy life. In her free time, Christina can be found performing music, teaching Zumba fitness, and taking ballroom dance classes.


Colin took care of both dogs and cats growing up. Lucy, his border collie, always motivated him to start his day. Colin also grew up helping his aunt with take care of her rescue dogs; at least 6 pitbulls and greyhounds over 10 years! Colin loves doggies, and he loves walking them for a living even more!


Devin has loved animals his whole life. Having grown up with pets ranging from puppies, to English Mastiffs, to cats and fish, Devin is comfortable with whatever friends you have in your home. Currently residing in Belmont, Devin is ready to meet your pets with a smile & leave them with a smile as well!


Emily grew up with cats and has always had a keen love for animals. She started working with animals at the age of 13 through volunteer work and recently graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Veterinary Technology. She has worked with small and large animals in the medical field and has held internships in multiple specialty animal hospitals around the Boston area. She joined our team in her search to find work she was passionate about that complemented her long term goal of becoming a Veterinarian.


Having grown up with a total of 11 pets, Halle has a profound love for all animals. She has been the proud owner of a cocker spaniel named Buddy, a shiba inu named Kaia, two tabbies named Buster Boots and Chili Bob Thornton, a cockatiel named Spikey, a hamster named Pipa, and several others. Halle understands the importance of ensuring that your pet receives the highest level of care and proper amount of attention. She also has an unwavering love for Bernese Mountain dogs and hopes to adopt one someday.


Hazel is a Watertown resident who grew up in northern Indiana. She has had animals in her household all her life that include dogs, cats, and a guinea pig. Currently, she lives with a cuddly and lovable feline roommate. She frequently walks her extended family’s dog, an energetic and friendly yellow Labrador. Hazel is currently pursuing a degree in Psychology.


Jane grew up in TN with fish, gerbils, and rabbits. She has always been an avid animal lover, and would dog sit for her neighbors as a youngster. Now she has a lovely city cat, Zooey, who makes home feel like home.


Jordan, a Vermont native, received her Bachelors of Science in Animal Science before moving to Mass to work at a zoo. There she got experience working with a large variety of animals. Then, Jordan decided to make the change to pet care as she is a life long dog lover. She has been caring for pets professionally for over five years. She has a dog of her own and a tortoise. She also lives with two other dogs, a cat, a rat, and chickens.


Kaila is a student studying Biology, Health Policy, and Management in New York. Once she finishes her undergraduate degree, she plans to apply to Veterinary School. She has a strong love and passion for animals, and she strives to enter a career where she can give them happy, healthy, comfortable lives.


Keith is a proud member of the A&BPS team. Keith grew up around dogs his whole life, and has owned both tarantulas and snakes as well. Keith now brings years of professional experience from other dog walking/dog day cares to the team. In Keith's spare time, he pursues poetry and drawing.


Krista grew up with Pongo, an outdoor rabbit who thought they were a dog; Captain Tony, a cockatiel whom liked to sit on her head; and many other small friends. She started volunteering at the MSPCA in Baltimore being a Dog Deputy and Kitty Cuddler for a year before moving to Boston. She has been growing her knowledge of the animal kingdom studying our cats and dogs, and working with horses. She hopes to have her own farm one day with dogs, cats, and many other animal friends.


Krystal was born and raised on Waltham, and grew up with cats for most of her life. As a kid, she wasn't allowed to have a dog, so she spent much of her time walking her friends' and neighbor's dogs. She has always wanted to pursue working with animals, and she is finally fulfilling that long desire!


Lori has years of experience caring for her own pets as well as extended family cats & dogs of many breeds and sizes. In her free time, she can be found hiking with her terrier Charlie, or relaxing at home with Charle and her cat, Cloud.


Luke has been a dog lover ever since he was young. He grew up with a yellow lab named Chowder, who was his playmate, his protector, and his best friend. Luke is always excited to meet, walk, and play with new dogs at any chance he gets!


Megan fell in love with animals at a very young age. Until she finally got a dog of her own, she kept herself surrounded by animals by pet sitting for family and friends. She now has two dogs and a cat at home, and she takes pride in caring for other people’s pets the same way she would care for her own. When Megan has free time, her favorite thing to do is travel. By the time she graduates from UML with a masters in marketing, her goal is to have driven through all 50 states. However, nothing compares to the feeling she gets when she gets to go home to her three furry best friends.


Mikayla has been an animal lover since childhood. She has grown up with many dogs, cats, and even a few birds. Mikayla has been working professionally with animals for 2 years and is eager to continue!


Molly, a Waltham native, has always been an animal lover. Growing up with a yellow lab at her side, she was always surrounded by the dogs of her family and friends. Molly is forever excited to befriend new dogs and cats!


Bio pending!


Natalia is not just a dog and cat lover, but a self described animal fanatic! Growing up with hamsters and fish made her eager for the day she finally got her very own dog, which changed her life forever! She is studying to be a vet tech and hopes the furry friends she meets throughout her journeys may train her just as much as she trains them.


When he's not working for Above and Beyond Pet Services, Nathan enjoys spending time with his coonhound Josie. They can be found exploring around the Mystic River,hiking in the woods or relaxing in the garden.


Nic is from the Boston area, and grew up with cats and dogs his entire life. He has two rescue cats at home, and loves spending the day outside with all his other animal friends at Above & Beyond!

Nicole B.

Nicole, a Boston area native, grew up with a love for all animals. Being unable to have pets growing up due to her sister’s allergies, Nicole found a solution by volunteering her time at her local animal shelter. In college, Nicole participated in her school’s Promotion of Animal Welfare Society because of her strong belief that all animals deserve happy, healthy, and comfortable lives. Nicole has a ragdoll cat of her own named Orion, who she spoils along with his 2 ragdoll sisters: Annabelle and Ophelia. In her free time, she enjoys staying active and volunteering at the MSPCA. Nicole’s love for animals is what drew her to A&BPS and she strives to pass on this love when caring for your pets!

Nicole V.

Nicole started with A&BPS after starting her pursuit to be a Vet Tech. She brings a true love of animals and eagerness to help to all of the pets lucky enough to spend time with her.


Patricia is a Massachusetts native who grew up with beagles, bunnies, turtles, and birds. She is an army veteran with K9 experience. At home, Patricia takes care of three beautiful rescue dogs. She loves animals and is always quick to form a bond with them.


Bio pending!


Growing up in Waltham, Sima has been surrounded by animals her entire life. Her love for animals inspired her parents to let her buy her own pets at 9 years old including her fish, birds, rabbit, and dog! Her love for animals is what brought her to A&BPS.


Steffy grew up taking care of animals of her own, teaching her responsibility and compassion for furry friends. As a professional pet caretaker, Steffy is able to spread that compassion with all sorts of new pets. Steffy is attending school to be a veterinary technician, in hopes of helping all the animals that she can!


Stephanie has always had a love and passion for animals, volunteering at animal shelters since she was a child. She grew up with all types of animals, including dogs, hamsters, reptiles and rabbits. Her dream is to have a farm of her own one day. She currently also works in the mental health field, understanding the importance of understanding and patience. Stephanie loves all sizes and types of dogs, and is proud to be part of the A&BPS team.

Winter, Web Master

Winter grew up taking care of his beloved dogs and cats, who taught him compassion and responsibility. As an adult, he has both an attention to detail and creative mind that keep the Above & Beyond website looking its best.